Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bulk of Research Done

Yesterday I wrote my first "Cuban" poem since finishing the foundational reading research. I thought it would be neat if the JFK inspirational  poster I've been waiting for would arrive and, as you can see, it did.
Credit will have to be given in some way to my sources for helping recreate actual conversations without having to dive into original recordings and transcripts, though so much has been paraphrased or quoted through multiple sources that plagiarism shouldn't  be a problem. If these poems ever become collected, a bibliography will be needed.
For anyone interested in learning about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robert F. Kennedy's memoir Thirteen Days may seem to be the best account due to its original source close to the crisis, it's brevity and resulting authoritative tone. But according  to historian Sheldon Stern and others such an evaluation is mistaken due to distortions of the role of RFK, as well as other Executive Committee members, in counseling the president. On the plus side, Stern says Robert Kennedy's  quotes by themselves appear to be accurate.

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