Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Arrrrrgh! And Stay Tuned Indefinitely to The Cage

The guy on the right along with Longfellow have beaten me. I will no longer attempt erasure poems from the translation of Inferno. I've discovered that erasure itself probably isn't my strong suit, and the peculiarities of terza rima translated into English along with the lexicon in a poem about Hell make erasure especially difficult.

That's STILL not the end of the Dante matter, however. I plan and look forward to a revision of the 20 cantos so far erased, a revision liberated from the straitening form of Longfellow's text. With luck the individual cantos will smooth out and clarify. A couple might escape change, but I doubt it. The revised result will appear as a tab along with my old haiku project.

An earlier post said that The Cage would end once the Dante project ended, but I no longer plan to launch a new blog. The Cage will go on under its current name. After all, I have three or four loyal readers and I don't want to lose them due to any confusion from rebranding. Also, I can change the mission of this blog and keep its title. The work that has appeared here lately has been less driven by form and more by sense, or, to lean on the blog's metaphor, the bird has taken precedence over the cage.

Publishing here has been fun, but I'm planning to restart a campaign into the dark forest of magazine publishing. My last mag pub was a couple of years ago, and it has been over a decade since I've pestered editors in a determined way. Asking others to publish you is a dreary activity, but self publishing does not provide all the satisfactions. I doubt there's much of a market for my poetry, but I know it can find print.

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