Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Viewing the Horizon from the Cage

This blog now serves a limited purpose, and that is to finish the Dante erasure poems and to publish incidental work in the meantime. Once the Dante project is finished, including a separate page that will contain the revised results (yes, I know, you don't revise erasure poems), this blog will be finished.

There will be a new blog. Working on the cage has been a long project for me, longer than this blog has been online. I've usually wanted to cheat the muse by working from form toward content in the creation of poems. That's no longer the way I'd like to work. The method is too haphazard for someone who sees time passing more quickly each growing season. The new blog will feature work originating from another place. The word "heart" comes to mind, but I'd rather call it "mood" and possibly, sometimes, "argument".

The new blog will be much like this one, though I hope it will be more readable, more interesting and more frequent. This blog will remain online as an archive, a memoir and a mild embarrassment. It will continue to publish for a few more months I'm sure, because if I haven't said it elsewhere....

THE DANTE PROJECT IS WAY HARDER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE! It was another effort to cheat the muse with a magic mechanism to write poetry and was intended to make the blog more frequent. The opposite effect ensued. Not the least reason for the sluggishness is that I'd prefer to jump other sharks than ones of arbitrary form these days.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to finishing Dante's Inferno translated by Longfellow and getting totally into a new way of writing. I will take care making its name. The name of this blog seems to melt into the background of information noise on search engines, and it's clunky anyway. I'm open to suggestions. There is now offer of compensation, I'm afraid.

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