Saturday, January 23, 2016

In Praise of Amazon Kindle's Word Runner

The Amazon Kindle recently added a feature to its reader called "Word Runner". Word Runner presents texts one word at a time at speeds the reader can set. The stream of text easily stops and backtracks at a tap when needed. Although Amazon promotes Word Runner as a speed reading training aid (ah, get your customers to consume faster!) it provides an excellent way to read for those with attention deficit problems. With one word flashing at a time the attention has no opportunity to skip around on the page. The text arrives in the mind with clear linearity. If a reader with usual concentration want to use the feature to train for 900 words a minute, well, may the god Thoth bless you. Otherwise, speeds less than 200 words a minute are available for those with other reading goals.

Nook and Google reader need this feature ASAP.

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