Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two Random Comments Mentioning Orpheus: One Important and the Other Not So Much

Important Comment: Cage readers will recall that last October I committed my bonsai trees to the abyss of BONSAI HELL for winter keeping. Trumping the vaunted Orpheus, I have looked back to my beloved in hell and successfully retrieved them! Actually, the small, scrawny maple didn't make it, and the juniper's apex has died, blunting its shape. The larger maple and the boxwood are in the best of health. My teacher's cedar and small maple have also apparently survived.

Not-So-Much Comment: It has long been my ambition to be one of those obsessive revisers of poetry, and it's one not yet realized. I revise poems, but getting beyond a fourth draft is almost impossible. Those that go beyond four revisions have never been very successful. On this blog the old poem "Autumn Journal" (by me, not Louis MacNeice!) is the best example of anything to go beyond four, but it's crippled. Anyway, there are some new poems needing revising, and maybe Orpheus has some advice for us about looking back at those old loves.

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