Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Random Comments on Two Hells

1. A few months ago the blogger committed a number of plants to the abyss of BONSAI HELL!!! Even in--perhaps because of--the depths of an unusually nasty winter, he is anxious to exhume the trees and see which ones will come back to life. He can only report that the juniper and the boxwood still show signs of their evergreen. It remains, however, too cold to bring them out of Hell into--what, Purgatory?

2. The Dante erasure project continues with more difficulty, mostly because the eraser insists on much more conventional sentence structure while also attempting to wrest the resulting poems from the narrative and imagery of the Longfellow translation. So it goes. In the meantime the blogger fears, as at all times, descending into the stygian poetic depths reached by James Franco.

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