Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Comment About Pale Rider

How can you account for some of your favorite movies' being so-so? Take the Clint Eastwood movie Pale Rider, for instance.  I like the villain's deep voice and the cut of his mustache. I like how the hero preacher, who is a reformed gunslinger, has to get his old guns out of a safe deposit box before the movie's climax so you know what a big decision he's making. There's simply no public accounting for the value we put on such details over greater depth. I like how there's a gold mining camp where the weather is warm, and then there's an industrial gold mining complex higher up and above them all is a snow-covered town. I like the town, which is really a tall, wooden abstraction of a town, way up there, existing solely to host final conflicts. I love how the characters have to travel up and down through these spaces as if between worlds and without a thought of the miracle they perform.

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