Friday, November 1, 2013

Metafictional Aside from Story "Rosalind"

I keep quoting from this abandoned story. Apologies.

    There are many versions of this story of The Dramatic Car Ride. In one the protagonists find Petrucchio, but Mark’s rage vanishes the moment he locks eyes with him. In another the Z has to refuel, and in a gas station restroom Rosalind launches into a soliloquy that is an attempt to explain to Linda the full intricacy of herself and the situation they are in, but the attempt fails. In one Linda and Steve discuss, in a hushed and coded way, the romantic possibilities between them, though it goes nowhere then or later. In another possibility, the one I find most alluring, they come upon an abandoned rural church where surreal and wonderful things happen to them in a kind of Hoosier magical realist mode, events that transform them in ways at once drastic and indefinable. I choose the story that most favors the events I know surrounding that night, the one that allows the protagonists to enter and exit as themselves and better prepared for what would come, though I admit as author to a level of exploitation.
Taming of the Shrew, 4.1. (public domain image)

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