Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Complaints About Poetry

There's an article in Harpers I'm not going to bother to read about the decline in the quality in American poetry. It isn't that I'm particularly pleased with the general stream events in poetry, not in any facet of the scene, it's just that after hearing centuries of complaints about the art, I'm worn out. This is a general condition among poets that the article's author, Mark Edmundson, evidently anticipates.

I do find it odd that, as my link to a post about the article claims, Edmundson is not happy about Seamus Heaney's poetry. How does Heaney* deserve this? Only this question summons enough energy in me to mention the matter, and I'm too tired and arrogant to pick up the magazine.

In the meantime, as I mumbled in this article, poets can only go on or not.

*Of course, there's the issue his being an Irish poet. There may be some fudging going on when it comes to adjectives.

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