Monday, January 21, 2013


Mount Rainier as seen from Tacoma, Washington. From Wikitravel.
That whole mountain lost its weight

when our fingers slipped apart.
There's the Moon and yellow Saturn
beyond, but here there was Rainier
grafted onto this planet
of human beings, those people
who tread and clutch each other.

I could spend all my days
on my knees explaining away
momentum and the regular
orbits of bodies. I am only
so strong
               and so foolish.
Say we clasped hands only
to hold that peak down
on our world, knotted fingers
to increase the pull for
the sake of pull. The west
went red anyway, and Rainier
looked own upon us
in scorn.

And back then beneath Rainier,
hadn't we taken to loving
the howling places in ourselves?
Did we believe a mountain
could fill them up?
Wasn't that pathetic, to fix
a mountain to one planet?

I would look into you
as I would look into the face
of a mountain.
And when I wasn't afraid
I let that mountain loose
to career on its own
from the Earth.

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